Studio Pip Does the Work For You!

Studio Pip's AR (Augmented Reality tool) empowers you to find the most suitable product for your space, in the most suitable colour and the most suitable size.

You no longer have to guess how your Studio Pip product will look in your setting. 

The tool helps you both plan your space and test how different colours, upholstery and finishes will look in the room.

Here's How (for a mobile or tablet):

1.       Using your tablet or mobile device, select the product from our website and use the 'View Design Options' button to configure your product in real time. 

(If you can't see this on our website, we're in the process of adding this facility for this particular product.  It will be there soon but try another product in the meantime).

2. Select what combinations of upholstery, timber stain or colours you like for the product and return to the image with the hexagon figure.

3. Click the  button and the configurator will prepare your products.

4. A Pop-up box will invite you View in Your Space, Tap ‘Begin’ to get started’.  Select Begin.

5. Make sure you're facing your device towards the proposed space where you think the piece of furniture will go.   The configurator will tell you what to do next and your custom designed Studio Pip furniture piece will appear in front of you like magic!


Here's How (for a desktop PC):

1. Select the product from our website ( and select the 'View Design Options' button to configure your product in real time.

2. Select what combinations of upholstery, timber stain or colours you like for the product.

3. Click the 'View at Home' button and the configurator will put your design together.

4. The configurator will put together your furniture piece and you’ll see the button change to Creating AR Product

A QR code will appear that you can scan with your tablet or phone, so you can View Product In Your Home.  Follow the instructions. 

5. Once scanned you can then use your tablet or mobile device to 'place' the image in the room but pointing your device at the desired placement site.


Give it a go!