Our Story

//Authentic. Original. Beautiful. Australian.


Studio Pip was formed as a necessity to fill a wholesale gap in the Australian made furniture market, where lead times were minimal, and pricing affordable for wholesale partners to retail. 

With time, a new concept had developed - creating affordable high quality, customisable Australian made pieces. The stigma associated with custom made furniture was that it is difficult & costly however, this fueled Studio Pips passion to change Australia's perception of custom made furniture so that their designs could be customised for anyone & everyone.

The Studio Pip sales process is formed on guiding clients through a variety of selections such as model, size & upholstery, where they can create a piece of furniture that has been specifically designed for them, by them. Customisations also expand the commercial offering of Studio Pip products by enabling tailoring products for strict requirements associated with commercial projects such as the inclusion of data boxes, larger tables suitable for boardrooms & much more. 
Studio Pip designs are in-house concepts or collaborations with emerging or existing furniture designers, all under the Studio Pip umbrella. There is a strong focus on keeping Studio Pip products authentically Australian & manufacturing Australia-wide.
Studio Pip designers, manufacturers & distributors are all Australian companies and our COM terms provide complete control in using an
Australian or imported upholstery.
The Studio Pip Tasmanian factory manufacture joinery in either Tasmanian Oak or American Oak & whilst American Oak is imported, Studio Pip ensure that only

the best timber is used,  that it is ethically sourced.

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For trade queries, please email info@studiopip.com.au or call 1300 857 470.

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